Grand Eagles TM & Patents Registration company was founded in 2017, with a professional team that works to provide clients with consulting services that include managing intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and design. The company is known for providing highly specialized and effective services in the field of intellectual property, with a personalized approach to meeting client needs and providing support and guidance in a way that helps clients maximize their property rights.

We are capable of meeting our clients' desires in the field of intellectual property. We pledge to provide the highest levels of efficiency and quality in protecting your rights and achieving the utmost success in this constantly evolving field. Our qualified and specialized team strives tirelessly to achieve your goals and turn your ideas into tangible, marketable realities.

Also, our company is considered a pioneer in the field of providing certified translation with professionalism and high quality in many languages, such as Arabic, English, French, German, and others, as the work team consists of a group of experts in the field of certified translation.

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Design Rights

If you want to protect the unique appearance of a product, you may need a design right.

Trade Mark

Do you have an idea for a brand? Conduct a search from one of our experts to find out if someone has already registered the same or a similar trademark.


Have you invented something and now want to patent it? Book an appointment with an inspection expert to find out if your invention is new. This can save you time and money.

Consulting on intellectual property

Do you need help in the world of intellectual property? Contact us for some basic guidance.

Want to get the most out of your idea?

Once your intellectual property is registered, it is up to you to manage it and enforce your rights.

Maintain protection of your intellectual property

To keep your intellectual property rights protected, you will need to renew them from time to time

Marketing your idea

Take advantage of your protection by royalizing your intellectual property, or learn how you can collaborate with researchers to advance your ideas.

Confronting Fraudsters

If someone else uses your idea, it is important that you respond quickly and appropriately.



1What is an invention?

An invention is an idea developed by the inventor that results in a solution of a certain problem in the field of technology.

2What is a patent?

 A patent is an exclusive protection document granted for an invention.

3What are the provisions governing the grant of patents?
  1. A patent may be granted on an invention if it is new, involves an inventive step, and capable of industrial application
  2. The exploitation of the invention should not be harmful to human, animal or plant health, or harmful to the environment.
4When is an invention new?

An invention is new if it is not anticipated by prior art in this respect, prior art means all that is disclosed to the public anywhere by means of written or oral disclosure, by use or by any other way through which knowledge of the invention is realized

5When does an invention involve an inventive step?

An invention involves inventive stop if, with regard to prior art related to the patent application, it is not obvious to a person with ordinary skills in the art

6What is the term of protection for patents?

The patent protection period is twenty years from the date of filing the application

Industrial Designs

1What is an industrial design?

an industrial design is a composition of two-dimensional lines or colors, or any three dimensional shape that gives an industrial product, or a product of traditional crafts, a special appearance provided that this is not only for functional or technical purpose including textile designs.

2When is an industrial design novel?

The industrial design certificate shall be granted, if the design is novel and has features that distinguish it from known industrial designs.

3When is an industrial design novel?
  1. An industrial design is novel if it was not disclosed to the public through publication anywhere in a tangible form, by use or by any other way prior to the date of filing the registration application or the priority application Disclosure of the industrial design to the public shall have no effect if it occurs during the priority period.
4What are the rights of industrial design owner?

The owner of industrial design certificate may initiate an action against any person who infringes the industrial design by exploiting it for commercial purposes without his consent within the Kingdom through manufacture, sale or importation of a product that includes or represents a wholly or substantially copied industrial design.

5What is the term of protection for industrial designs?

The protection period of industrial designs is ten years from the date of filing the application.


1What is a trademark?

A trademark is any symbol, logo, or name used by the owner of a product or service to distinguish it from competitors.

2What is the importance of registering a trademark?

Registering a trademark provides legal protection to the owner of the product or service and prevents competitors from using the trademark without permission. It also helps build a strong brand identity.

3How can I register my trademark?

You can apply for trademark registration with the patent and trademark office in your country. This requires paying registration fees and providing detailed information about the trademark and the products or services associated with it.

4How long does it take to register a trademark?

This varies from country to country, but typically takes 6 months to one year.

5Does my trademark need to be related to my business activities?

Yes, the trademark must be relevant to the business activities that you engage in.

6What rights does the owner of a trademark have?

The owner of a trademark has the right to use the trademark and prevent competitors from using it without permission. The owner can also use the trademark in legal proceedings to protect their rights.

Utility Models

1 What is utility models?

It is a type of right under which the law protects a technical means that does not amount to an invention and is easier and faster to obtain and for a shorter period of protection than a patent.


The requirements for obtaining utility model protection are less complex than a patent, as steps such as the novelty step, for example, are not as important in a utility model as they are in a patent, and utility models are not subjected to the same amount of long and complex tests that patents are subjected to.


1What is copyright?

Copyright (or author’s right) is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. Works covered by copyright range from books, music, paintings, sculpture, and films, to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps, and technical drawings.

2What can be protected using copyright?

here is the common works (In general) protected by copyright throughout the world include:

literary works such as novels, poems, plays, reference works, newspaper articles;

computer programs, databases;

films, musical compositions, and choreography;

artistic works such as paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculpture;

architecture; and

advertisements, maps, and technical drawings.

Copyright protection extends only to expressions, and not to ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts as such. Copyright may or may not be available for a number of objects such as titles, slogans, or logos, depending on whether they contain sufficient authorship.

3What rights does copyright give me? What are my rights as author of a work?

There are two types of rights under copyright:
economic rights, which allow the rights owner to derive financial reward from the use of their works by others;

and moral rights, which protect the non-economic interests of the author.

Most copyright laws state that the rights owner has the economic right to authorize or prevent certain uses in relation to a work or, in some cases, to receive remuneration for the use of their work (such as through collective management). The economic rights owner of a work can prohibit or authorize:


its reproduction in various forms, such as printed publication or sound recording;

its public performance, such as in a play or musical work;

its recording, for example, in the form of compact discs or DVDs;

its broadcasting, by radio, cable or satellite;

its translation into other languages; and

its adaptation, such as a novel into a film screenplay.

Examples of widely recognized moral rights include the right to claim authorship of a work and the right to oppose changes to a work that could harm the creator's reputation.

4Can I register copyright?

In the majority of countries, and according to the Berne Convention, copyright protection is obtained automatically without the need for registration or other formalities.

Most countries nonetheless have a system in place to allow for the voluntary registration of works. Such voluntary registration systems can help solve disputes over ownership or creation, as well as facilitate financial transactions, sales, and the assignment and/or transfer of rights.

Annuity Services

1What is Annuity Services?

Our company provides specialized services in the field of patent annuity payments and model renewals worldwide. With professional representatives in all countries, we are able to monitor and follow up on due payments associated with applications with precision and meticulous care. Leveraging our expertise and extensive global network, we ensure careful monitoring of due payments on requests in accordance with local and international legislations and requirements. Our services aim to alleviate the workload burden for our clients and ensure their compliance with deadlines and financial obligations related to intellectual property. You can rely on us to ensure the accurate and efficient renewal of your rights, allowing you to focus on the growth and prosperity of your business instead of administrative matters.

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